Little Monsters

I’m reading William Giraldi’s exciting book, Little Monsters, and it is quite a treat. It is a tongue-in-cheek adventure/romance told with flair and gusto. The Lovecraftian fascination with monsters of the deep serves as a springboard to delve into juicy subjects like love and obsession, passion and purpose, success and failure.

Miraculously, the author of this whimsical, satirical novel turns out the following crack report on multiple generations of literary criticism, which places his own book in a larger and more legitimate context. Literature is Mr.Giraldi’s business. But it is not a clubby business. It is open to all:  A quote to savor:  “Lionel Trilling, like Adam Kirsch himself, illustrates that reading deeply and wisely is not a credential for critics only, but everyone’s last best hope of being better. ”  William Giraldi’s review of Adam Kirsch’s book on Lionel Trilling. It’s a mouthful.  But think of it like a three-layer cake. To be enjoyed in one sitting.


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